Askitikos Wines



The grape and the man. The vine and the ascetic monk.

The Tsililis family has created an icon vineyard in the region of Meteora with the aim of highlighting the particularities of the terroir and revive rare Greek grape varieties in the production of wines.

For monks and hermits, the vine was not only pleasure; it was a companion and a source of food either as fruit or as wine. Hermits cultivated their precious land with respect and vinified the grapes with traditional and often secret methods, highlighting the particularities of each variety and then aged the wines patiently in casks, inside dark cellars. The result was wines with intense aromas, pure taste and a mysterious character. The design of Askitikos wines pays tribute to this man’s character, placing the hermit on the label to draw the attention at first glance and make the relationship between him and the natural element stand out. Trust and faith illustrated are the essence of this product.


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