Greek National Opera Central Stage Catalogues 2018-2019

Greek National Opera

Central Stage Catalogues 2018-2019

The country's state Opera and its "Central stage" surprising visual communication.

The Greek National Opera, under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Culture is home to a wide variety of performances; opera, ballet and symphony concerts among others, while it also helps young artists achieve professional standards.

During our long-lasting partnership we have always found inspiration in the theme of each performance and captured it in in unique, iconic illustrations. Although Opera is plethoric and lavish by definition, the GNO Central stage resonates through its visual communication which is minimalist yet vibrant and playful. It goes like that: one play, one core essence, one strong image, one strong concept. Accentuated by the use of only one colour, both in texts and images, every element created stands out. And for the opera enthusiasts that attend all performances on the GNA stages, the play brochures are precious takeaways that gradually transform into a series of publications with timeless aesthetics.


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