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Konstantinos Rigos


Dancing on a Screen: performing and visual arts in a personal landing page

Konstantinos Rigos is a Greek choreographer and director of numerous dance productions and for various innovative artistic creations. Since 2018, he is the Greek National Opera Ballet Director. To incorporate an immense quantity of content in a website platform is commonplace these days. Only in the case of the personal website of an artist, the challenge was that the data were vast and strictly visual but often with subjects or aesthetic principals not highlighted or stealing from each other when placed together. Further, novelty and unpredictability were quintessential in terms of the artist’s image and the presentation of his pieces should act as a direct extension of the choreographer’s soul with no goal other than to be observed. K2design in this case has served the arts and the artist by creating for the end user an informative, functional personal web page, like that of an art gallery: functional and austere with plenty of whitespace to showcase the art. Visit the site


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