Korres Natural Products Case Study

Korres Natural Products

Case Study

Case Study - K2 design, building a strong visual language over the years for Korres natural cosmetics brand.

Sometimes in design, it is best to let others express their thoughts and understanding of your work. Especially in the case of Korres, where k2design has been linked with the brand and fundamentally built its image from the very beginning, no words could better describe than what Thierry Van Kerm, Director the International Council of Design (ico-D formerly known as Icograda; a world organisation for design professionals) has said:

“I’d like to congratulate k2design on their remarkable design work for Korres and Korres for its understanding and for the confidence they have in their design partner. k2design demonstrated a continuity of design quality over the years and although most of the applications are brilliant, Korres’ brand is to be looked at as a whole to take its real dimension, reaching international standards. It’s not only about ‘graphics,’ it carries out Korres’ values and philosophy. Korres should be looked at as an example to be followed and learned from.”


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