Toplou Monastery Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Toplou Monastery

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The idea, simple: faith in tradition. The values, eternal: respect for the natural environment and man.

The holy Toplou Monastery in Sitia, is renowned for its architecture -it is the largest and most impressive fortification-type Monastery of Crete and a cultural monument- for its artistic history, but also famous for the organic products made by the monks; the wine and olive oil under "Toplou" brand. Today, a focal point of the Father's activities is the organic cultivation of olives and the production, standardization, and marketing of the only international award-winning olive oil of Sitia, a product of Protected Designation of Origin. The packaging design expresses all the above: an old-world theme, the engraved imagery of Christ on the Mount of Olives combined with modern, gold typography to merge the ascetic and earthly landscape with this unique product and give it a high-quality value.






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