What Athens Greek souvenirs

What Athens

Greek Souvenirs

Local city souvenirs with a twist

“What Athens” aka Whathens, is a brand of Greek souvenirs, dedicated to the city of Athens. They are the fun memorabilia you want to take back home, the objects that remind you of all the wonderful experiences from your trip to Greece, the gifts that you want to give to your friends and family. Their brief was to be original and playful while the pool of ideas was limitless because of the local character that is deep-rooted in us. The task however was not simple, because the design had to reject all the conventional types of souvenir, animate recognizable and iconic city points of interest but with a twist, avoid folklore references and keep it spirited, fun and lively while honoring and respecting the city themes. We are very happy with this partnership where we regularly have new ideas/ projects to develop, since as it turns out: no one can leave Athens without What Athens!






















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